Jossain muualla ja silti aina täällä/ Somewhere Else and Yet Always Here

Panu Johansson
Somewhere Else and Yet Always Here
Year of Production: 2017
Running Time: 59min34s
Originally shot in Super-8 (Kodak Kodachrome K40 & Kodak Eastman Ektachrome 7240), transferred to HD 1080p video.

A film that could be called a diary, a notebook or a journal. A collage composed of small daily events, documented spontaneously as they occurred. As the work progresses these individual observations start to interlink in order to create a new kind of mosaic, constructed of images, recollections, voices and sounds. Eventually the film grows into richly coloured portrait of ongoing everyday life, somehow familiar yet elusive at the same time.

You can preview the film here: