Anna Alm


s. 1974, Kemi
Asuinpaikka: Kemi


Puhelinnumero: +358-44-5471264

Oma esittely

With my bright colours the paintings look almost too simple at the first sight. Meanings are covered under simplicity. Some of the new paintings can look like sketches. For the artist, structure and composition are important in the painting process. The yellow and blue coloured paintings with female figures are also battle between these two colours. Juxtoposition of these two colours can be in he front or back, variations in each painting. Symbols in the paintings tell their own story.


Menneet näyttelyt

Sodankylän kirjasto
Galeria Pierwsze Pietro, Opole, Puola
Ubi-näytöt, Oulu
Metsolan galleria, Oulu

Magentaa!, Kemin taidemuseo
Galleria Kellokas, Ylläs
Pop up galleria,Sodankylä
Pohjanranta, Keminmaa