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As a loner at heart and lover of life I seek to keep a balance between the every day and the colorful life I lead with my adventurous husband. A rootless and nomadic lifestyle is imprinted in my way of thinking and my view on life.

Every image is influenced to some degree by my international life. Every view – be it a landscape or seascape – is a place where I once had a home. Some are of places I have left my heart in and I long to return to those places once more.
Details, light and reflections are glimpses into my childhood or something in the past.
Some topics – like “The Taste of Power” are based on an idea that I need to work on and are visual journeys.
- Some are just short stories with sudden endings - departures and arrivals – just like my life has been – full of abrupt endings and escapes. -
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To capture a moment.
To relive things past.
To go back in time.
To breath the air you once did.
To build a bridge between now and then.


Karin Toyoda was born in Helsinki.

Having lived an international life for over 30 years, Karin Toyoda returns to her roots.

Today she is working on several projects in Finland. She works with traditional film and old 35mm cameras to achieve the look she wants in her projects.

Today she enjoys exploring her native land.
She divides her time between Helsinki and London, where her daughter lives and works. Japanese culture and Tokyo is near her heart as it is her husband 's hometown and his brothers and relatives live there. Her work is in several private collections in the places she has lived in. Public work includes Japan Food&Liquor Alliance, JFLA, Defence Ministry and Svenska Folkskolans Vänner.
Karin Toyoda is a member of The Union of Artist Photographers.