Marja Blomster


s. 1945, Helsinki


Oma esittely

I have studied at Free Art School in Helsinki (1981-1984). My artworks have mostly been experimental forms of art, e.g. installations and conceptual art, but I am also drawing, painting and photographing. My earliest exhibitions were based on poetry by A.S. Pushkin and F. Pessoa. The themes of my exhibitions have been DNA (1999), Pain (2002), Nature–no nature (2005) and Great Urban Expectations (2009). I have participated in many group exhibitions in Finland and abroad. My artworks are in the collections of several museums as well as in private collections.



10th Painting and Mixed Media Competition 2019-2020                               Exhibition at Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria                                                      December 11th 2019-February 28th 2020