Ninni Korkalo

s. 1982, Helsinki


Puhelinnumero: 040 8312314

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Artist statement

When I make art I´m present in this world. From a very young age I have felt like an outsider, misplaced somehow. That’s probably one reason why I feel so strongly about things related to being different, strange or unequal in the society. My work tends to focus critically into different kinds of social and cultural inequality.
I´m very curious to know and learn more. This is the reason I don´t care about mastering any particular tool, media or technique perfectly. For one project or body of work I might use one tool and for the next some totally different tool. I don´t need the feeling of being satisfied and content with my marks and ideas, that would end all the trying and curiosity to learn more. I need to surprise myself in order to surprise or startle others to think.
I draw, paint and make installations. I´m constantly looking for some other way to express my ideas more clearly.
I don´t generally see individuality in art or in life as the best thing and that´s why I work on many projects with my husband, visual artist Tuomas Korkalo. Learning, thinking and discourse are important for me as an artist.
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Ninni on Korkalo in Helsingissä vuonna 1982 syntynyt kuvataiteilija, joka asuu ja työskentelee Rovaniemellä. Työskentelytavat ja tekniikat vaihtelevat kunkin projektin mukaan piirroksista ja maalauksista, veistoksiin ja installaatioihin ja yhteisötaiteeseen.