Fragments of Life

Anastasia Lobkovski: Fragments of Life

Valmistumisvuosi: 2009
Tekniikka: Video
Koko: 13 min
Editio: 1/3
Fragments of Life is an experimental film of four pieces: birth, love, passion and death. It is structured of expressions, different phases of life.

It can also be seen as a start and end of one love story.


Written & Directed by Anastasia Lobkovski
Cinematography by Jaakko Slotte
Edited by Antti Hirsiaho
Sound Design by Jukka Nurmela
Camera assistant: Mika Vuorinen

(Chapter 1, Birthday)
Cast: Salma Slotte

(Chapter 3, At the Kitchen)
Set decorator: Maria Baranova
Cast: Max Kuparev
Ice sculpture by Anssi Kuosa

Graphic Design by: Max Kuparev

Music by Antti Hirsiaho

Produced by Anastasia Lobkovski

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