Mind Matters

Leena Kangaskoski: Mind Matters

Valmistumisvuosi: 2014
Tekniikka: Lyhyt elokuva
Avainsanat: Costume, Sound, Ping Pong, Fluff, Cells, Neurons, Dance, Movement, Conversation
Consider this: the movements of the mind shape the brain, which in turn shapes the mind, which shapes bodily experience, which shapes thinking… However, no one knows how neural activity becomes conscious mental experience.

Mind Matters presents the Mind – a dry sounding, battling and rustling character – and the Body – a magnified image of a bouncy cell deep in the tissues of our insides – reacting to each other and outside influences.

Dance artist: Auri Ahola
Sound: Leena Kangaskoski, Matti Kangaskoski and Tuomas Timonen

Mind Costume: Pingpong balls, super magnets, black drinking straws, African cotton, taffeta fabric, fabric paint, oil paint, kitchen folio, hula hula hoop

Body costume: Water, swimming floats, velvet, elastic band, shrubbery, vegetables, plastic hair.

Support: Taiteen edistämiskeskus

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