Potentiality for Love

Eija-Liisa Ahtila: Potentiality for Love

Valmistumisvuosi: 2018
Tekniikka: Installaatio
Moving image sculpture in 3 silent parts:
#1 – Angular video sculpture of twenty-two DIP LED modules (4K/HD; 7 min 54 sec loop; sculpture size 614 x 384 x 15 cm)
#2 – Two research tables with attached ‘monitor mirrors’ (4K/HD; 2 min 8 sec and 3 min 6 sec loops; size 100 x 72 x 54 cm)
#3 – Vertical single channel projection (4K/HD; 2 min 35 sec loop; projection size approx 400 x 225 cm)

POTENTIALITY FOR LOVE is a hybrid piece that combines sculpture with moving image. - It deals with the potential for empathy and love towards other living beings. It turns attention to those human emotions that could serve as a foundation for dismantling the hierarchical structures between living things, thereby engendering a turn towards non-humans and the recognition of others. The work reflects the origins of these emotions, how we define them and how we conceive of their function as part of a larger continuum of living beings.

POTENTIALITY FOR LOVE consists of three parts each approaching the theme from a different angle and medium.