Tiina Hölli: (Nimetön)




a mirror.
a couple.
a pair.
a twin-couple.

Will we be equals ?

It might have something to do with two ( 2 ) too.

Maybe if I tell them that we came together ?

Did you get the receipt ?

I will double-check this twice.

My heart, my core you can keep,
until twilight when we meet,
it will be after noon
so little darling, kiss the sky -
I will once again see you soon -

said The Sun to The Moon.

Dude, cool,
said The Moon,
so you memorized
where I hang 'round,
so nice -
keep your cool, and see'ya soon

me loves you too

and when far out
there circling ´round
I´ll remember thus
that there is us.

©Tiina Hölli 22.9.2015
for all tomorrows
and a few h/ours before the autumnal equinox 23.9.2015,
when all becomes even again.