Terhi Heino


s. 1970, Oulu
Asuinpaikka: Helsinki


Oma esittely

My art is based on different materials and an ecological approach. I use natural materials, organic waste and biodegradable materials, such as fish fins, used teabags , out of which I create sculptures and larger abstract installations that comment on the transience and fragility of the individual and the environment. www. terhiheino. fi (more works)
Näytä biografia


02.06.2020-10.01.2021. Kiasma, Helsinki.  Hullu Rakkaus/Mad Love. Teoksia Seppo Fräntin kokoelmasta.

16.06-31.7.2020. "Suomen pellot värikuvina". Galleria Halmetoja, Helsinki. Ryhmänäyttely/ Group exhibition.

2021. Galleri 54. Göteborg, Ruotsi. Ryhmänäyttely

2022. Galleria Halmetoja, Helsinki. Yksityisnäyttely


Terhi Heino(born 1970 in Oulu) graduated from the Department of Sculpture of the Finnish Academy of fine Arts in 2001, and she has also studied architecture. Heinos works have been showcased in Finland( solo shows-Konstsalongen 2018,Gallery Korjaamo 2011,Ama/Turku Gallery 2009, Galleria Huuto 2007 and 2014) and internationally Skipe Island Art Space in Bristol, UK 2008 and Centre regional D"art contemporain a Montbeliard, France 2014, Moskow Museum of Modern Art, 2007 and Suomesta Galleria, Berlin 2012.
Terhi Heino has been awarded The Raimo Utriainen Art Prize in 2004 and William Thuring Prize in 2011. Her works are included in the collections of Oulu Museum of Art, Saastamoinen Foundation, Wihuri Foundation and Finnish National Gallery.