Performance 6-7.9.2014 in Konstrundan 14

Tiina Hölli: Performance 6-7.9.2014 in Konstrundan 14

"Hi Sue, good morning, no no no, total mistake, you think I am famous - baaaaaaaaaah, I am nothing! Really.

I changed the photo to this so that the impression of the work would look here, in picture also a little more massive, to be a 3D sculpture-like, like in reality, even though made of only paper-sheets. That´s the only point here ( I have not even yet invented a name for this...), and also that I did it in 1 hour in front of public, in a hall space where people go all the time back and forth, walk 50 cm behind me ... that´s the whole point, continuous movement behind me, in me, and the massive-like structure formed of nothing but light sheets of paper .... quickly, determinate-like, and.. there it suddenly is ... that´s the point ... nothing else. : ) I AM NOT FAMOUS pfffth! forget it hahaha : D -tiina- "

noin 200 x 320 x 100 cm
paper sheets, acrylic, ink

Konstrundan 14, Kuusisto Art Manor, Finland 6.-14.9.2014