Elina Moriya


Valokuvaaja, visuaalinen taiteilija ja tutkija

Oma esittely

Elina Moriya is a Finnish and Japanese artist, photographer and visual researcher working with photography, video and installation. She was born in Japan, grew up in Finland and is currently based in London. She has always seen the creative process as a journey of questions, where the accent is put on the one who asks the questions, why and from which perspective.

Elina’s practice incorporates multiple disciplines and blurs the boundaries between conceptual and documentary photography, a fine art and professional practice. Often researching the elements guiding perception and interpretations, assumptions that might seem self-evident, are challenged and manifested via unfamiliar visual outcomes. She is interested in encounters where various narratives overlap and integrate, resulting in the merging of new entities, and finding translations enabling dialogues with alternative paradigms. By presenting unexpected combinations of visuals, values or symbols, she likes to play with alternative realisations or explanations in the diversity of the values that might exist. This questions the predominant representations and what is accepted as a recognisable narrative, acknowledged visuals, appropriate aesthetics or correct paradigm.