Elina Moriya: trac(e)nomy

Valmistumisvuosi: 2018
Tekniikka: Videoinstallaatio
12 to 27 monitoria, ääni

‘trac(e)nomy’ (2018) investigates cultural knowledge systems embedded in cinematic imagery. This taxonomy of cultural images is formed from research on selected Finnish and Japanese family drama films from 1930 to 1960. The films are chosen as representatives of quotidian family life and at the same time as reflections of their respective societies. The highlighted details in turn bring attention to the respective cultural elements images are constructed of. This interrogates the meaning we create through cultural contexts images may contain.

The paired TV screens create a visual dialogue between the two home cultures. This dialogue constantly moves from one culturally significant image to the other, as well as additionally generating a melange of the two. This enables a multitude of available meanings to arise, creating endless possibilities from both cultures that are equally conceptualised homes, as home and home.

The audience is invited to reflect on their own inherited cultural knowledge and the meanings they might create through their participation on this dialogue.

The work has been created as part of academic research.
Teos on luotu osana akateemista tutkimusta.

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