Minna Suoniemi: Frozen

Valmistumisvuosi: 2016
Tekniikka: HD video, prores422
Editio: 1/3
Avainsanat: Videotaide, Video Art, Sisarukset, Tytöt, Girls, Sisters
2 min 46 s
Frozen portrays two girls sitting next to each other in a forest environment. One of the girls is facing the camera with melancholic expressions on her face. The other girl is portrayed with her eyes closed turned sideways to the camera. The video speed is altered, which creates a dense atmosphere between the girls. The cause for the sadness or the relationship between the girls remains unclear. The soundtrack consists of repeated singing of the words Let it go. The continuous singing creates a soundscape for the young girls’ mindset – the moment seems never ending.

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